Accepted Papers

The Conceptual Modeling Task

  • A Survey of Ethical Reasoning Methods, their Metamodels, and a Theory on their Application to Conceptual Modelling
    Sergio España, Chris van der Maaten, Jens Gulden and Oscar Pastor
  • Use of Competency Questions in Ontology Engineering: a Survey
    Glaice Kelly Monfardini, Jordana Salamon and Monalessa Barcellos
  • How Inclusive is Conceptual Modeling? A Systematic Review of Literature and Tools for Disability-aware Conceptual Modeling
    Aylin Sarioglu, Haydar Metin and Dominik Bork

The Meta Level

  • A Terminological and Semiotic Review of the Digital Object Concept
    Marcelo Jaccoud Amaral, Vânia Borges and Maria Luiza M. Campos
  • The Ontology for Conceptual Characterization of Ontologies
    Beatriz Franco Martins, Renata Guizzardi, José Fabián Reyes Román, Moshe Hadad and Oscar Pastor
  • ProMoTe: A Data Product Model Template for Industry
    Stefan Driessen, Willem-Jan van den Heuvel and Geert Monsieur

Model-Based Analysis and Implementation

  • Using a Conceptual Model in Plug-and-play SQL
    Shubham Swami, Santosh Aryal, Sourav S. Bhowmick and Curtis Dyreson
  • Sanity-Checking Multiple Levels of Classification – A Formal Approach with a ConceptBase Implementation
    Thomas Kühne and Manfred Jeusfeld
  • A Safari for Deviating GoF Pattern Definitions and Examples on the Web
    Apostolos Zarras and Panos Vassiliadis

Process Mining and Abstraction

  • Object-Centric Alignments
    Lukas Liß, Jan Niklas Adams and Wil van der Aalst
  • Transforming Event Knowledge Graph to Object-Centric Event Logs: A Comparative Study for Multi-dimensional Process Analysis
    Shahrzad Khayatbashi, Olaf Hartig and Amin Jalali
  • Ontology-Based Abstraction of Bot Models in Robotic Process Automation
    Maximilian Völker and Mathias Weske

Modeling Events and Processes

  • Shards of Knowledge – Modeling Attributions for Event-Centric Knowledge Graphs
    Florian Plötzky, Katarina Britz and Wolf-Tilo Balke
  • A Characterisation of Ambiguity in BPM
    Marco Franceschetti, Ronny Seiger, Hugo Andrés López, Andrea Burattin, Luciano García-Bañuelos and Barbara Weber
  • Dealing with the evolution of event-based choreographies of BPMN fragments: definition and proof of concept
    Jesús Ortiz, Victoria Torres and Pedro Valderas

Conceptual Modeling in Context

  • Safety Analysis of Human Robot Collaborations with GRL Goal Models
    Marian Daun, Meenakshi Manjunath and Jeshwitha Jesus Raja
  • A Domain-Specific Visual Modeling Language for Augmented Reality Applications Using WebXR
    Fabian Muff and Hans-Georg Fill
  • An Ontology for Context Modeling in Smart Spaces
    Leonardo Nascimento and José Palazzo Oliveira

Applications of Conceptual Modeling

  • A Reference Meta-Model to Understand DNA Variant Interpretation Guidelines
    Mireia Costa, Alberto García S., Ana León, Anna Bernasconi and Oscar Pastor
  • A Conceptual Modeling Approach for Risk Assessment and Mitigation in Collision-free UAV Routing for Beyond-the-Visual-Line-of-Sight Flights
    Gerrit Burmester, David Kugelmann, Dietrich Steinmetz, Hui Ma and Sven Hartmann
  • QuantumShare: Towards An Ontology for Bridging the Quantum Divide
    Julian Martens, Indika Kumara, Geert Monsieur, Damian Andrew Tamburri and Willem-Jan van den Heuvel