SCME 2023


The SCME23: 7th Symposium on Conceptual Modeling Education will take place Monday, November 6.

Accepted papers:

Meenakshi Manjunath, Jeshwitha Jesus Raja and Marian Daun
How Teaching Conceptual Modeling to Robotics Students Changes their Perception of Software Engineering

Elena Tiukhova, Charlotte Verbruggen, Bart Baesens and Monique Snoeck
Learning Analytics tells: Know your basics and go to class

Pavani Vemuri, Stephan Poelmans, Estefania Serral Asensio and Monique Snoeck
Teaching Conceptual Modeling leveraging Formative Assessments and Adaptive Release paths

Robert Andrei Buchmann and Ana-Maria Ghiran
Teaching Knowledge Graphs: the Journey from Logic to Web Development and Semantics-driven Engineering

Keynote by Prof. Dr. Monique Snoeck

Bio: Monique Snoeck is a full professor at the Research Center of Management Informatics at KU Leuven and visiting professor at the UNamur. Her research focuses on conceptual modelling, requirements engineering, software architecture, model-driven engineering, and e-learning technology. She has published over 30 journal papers and many more refereed conference papers.

Title: What does really matter? Lessons learned from +20 years of teaching conceptual modeling.

Summary: In the early 2000s, the use of online modeling tools, online lectures and automatic feedback was rare. Today, teachers have many different tools and teaching methods (online, blended, hybrid, …) to choose from. In this talk, I’ll review my experiences of teaching CM, the evolution of my research on teaching CM, and draw some lessons about what really matters in helping students acquire CM competence.